Our Special Blend of Treasure Mixes

a variety of gemstones, crystals, dyed and natural

To create our customized blends of treasure mixes we carefully select different materials to coordinate with each special "theme" (pirates, mermaids, sharks, cosmic, dinosaur etc.).  Each treasure mix is created to be uniquely different from the others. All our gem and fossil materials are sourced throughout the world!

We like to blend a variety of elements from the earth, land and sea as well as include many sizes, shapes, finishes, natural and enhanced. No two mixes are exactly alike, even within the same theme.

Your treasure mix may include rough and tumbled semi-precious gems, amethyst, quartz, rose quartz, citrine, pyrite, emeralds, obsidian, crystal points, jaspers, agates, calcites, arrowheads, shells, fossils and many more not listed! 

Most packages come with an identification brochure. Our staff will also assist in identifying all the treasures. 

Note: Due to the nature and origins of our products we are not able to guarantee availability. Prices may change without notice.