A Shark-tastic Adventure

illustration of a shark and tropical fish underwater

The Megalodon: $59.99

Description: A Fin-tastically Fun Adventure with an emphasis on highlighting the supreme predator of the deep throughout the ages of time. Sharks have been around long before dinosaurs existed. Find shark teeth, marine fossils and semi-precious gems. 

 Activity Area: We had fun creating an activity area simulated to appear as an underwater scene with coral reefs, sea creatures and sharks. Our resident shark, "Seamore", will welcome you with a big toothy greeting in option 1 if chosen to reveal the hidden treasures.

  • Option 1 - Undersea Discovery Station : Hidden within a velvety smooth blue sand (not gritty like play sand). Sink your hands and fingers into the soft silky sand to search and reveal treasures buried beneath.
  • Option 2 - Water Sluice/Trough : Scoop the mining dirt into a screen box, lower your box into the water, sift and shake the tray as the water reveals hidden treasures.
    • Our Unique Blend of Shark & Ancient Sea Fossils:  Consists of a special mix of gem sand consisting of shark teeth, sea fossils, shore shells, raw and/or tumbled semi-precious gems/minerals. No two treasures are exactly alike. Also included is an identification chart. 
    • Recommended for Ages: 5 + 
    • Recommended Height : In order to comfortably stand in front of the sand pit or water trough to independently process you must be  
    • Walk Up Availability : Arrive at our location ready for fun! We serve on a first come first serve basis. 
    • Time Length:  15 - 30 mins. also involves independently identifying treasures with an included I.D. chart.
    • Price: Great White Shark: (currently unavailable) and The Megalodon: $59.99 
    • Sharable: We do not recommend this package for sharing. Please consider the Megalodon, it's an awesome value, a generous amount of treasure.
    • Home Activity : Yes! You are welcome to purchase our shark gem sand by calling our toll free number.

Fun Mining Tip : All our interactive mining activities combines children and adults sense of adventure and discovery with their continuing thirst for knowledge. When using our water trough the activity simulates the gold panning that made the gold rush of the 1800's such a fascinating historical phenomenon.  Everyone, no matter the age, loves the anticipation of what treasures they will reveal, keep and take home!   

Note: Due to the nature of our products and the destinations they come from we cannot guarantee availability. Additionally, pricing is subject to change without notice.