colorful tumbled stones in the bear belly package


Description: This "Bear Theme" Adventure is designed in honor of our "Big Bear" location. The gem dirt in this panning experience is a combination of rough and tumbled semi-precious gems and minerals packaged within a keepsake bear container.

    • Activity: Once you choose which bear you want you will process it at the running water trough. Our staff will help you pour the contents from the bear into a screened wooden box, lower the screen into the water while swishing side to side so that the water will allow the gems to be revealed. During the process our staff will identify a variety of stones. Once all the gems are revealed you may choose to go to a table or counter and continue sorting through and identifying your treasures!
    • Recommended for Ages: 3 + 
    • Recommended Height : We offer a riser to accommodate wee ones.
    • Walk Up Availability : We serve on a first come first serve basis. 
    • Sharable: Not Recommended
    • Price: market price. Call for the most current quote. (909) 866-5678.
    • Time Length: Varies upon the age, approx. 10 min.+ includes sorting at a table or counter.
    • Home Activity : Yes! You can take a bear home and have your own discovery party! Call to have yours delivered today!