Discover our Pirate Treasure Package

kids looking at the gem and fossil treasures at the water sluice

Black Beard: $69.99

Go on an imaginary swashbuckling adventure and take home Pirate booty! Which discovery station will you choose to indulge your fantasy, our water trough or undersea sand digging station?

Our Pirate Treasure Mixes include a selection of land and sea gems as well as pirate booty and other artifacts, the larger package includes a bottle of real gold flakes.  An identification brochure is included in both packages to identify all the treasure you discover!   

Pirate Themed Package Descriptions: 

The Calico Jack Package: (Currently Unavailable) Calico Jack was the most unique pirate that ever sailed the Caribbean. Plunder pirate treasure and enjoy all the loot you discover!
  • Price: Currentlly Unavailable
  • Sharable: Not recommended.
  • Look below for historical facts on the real life pirate, Calico Jack.
The Black Beard Package: Black Beard is the most famous pirate that ever lived, This is the ULTIMATE pirate treasure package. The big highlight is the vial of gold flakes that are included!  
  • Price: $69.99
  • Sharable: Not recommended.
  • Look below for historical facts on the real life pirate, Black Beard.
NOTE: Due to the nature and origins of our products, prices are subject to change without notice.
Included in both packages : 
      • About our Pirate Treasure:  Depending on the package selected you will receive a special blend of gem mining sand consisting of shore shells, semi-precious gems, minerals, crystals, sparkling gems, Pirate loot coins, Davy Jones bones remains and more!
      • Recommended for Ages: 5 - 17 years old
      • Recommended Height :  5 feet to comfortably stand in front of our water trough
      • Walk Up Availability : Yes, We serve on a first come first serve basis. 
      • Time Length: Varies upon the age, approx. 10 min.+
      • Home Activity : Yes, Our pirates treasure mining packages are available in our gift shop to take home or ship and enjoy an adventure at home!
      • Fun Mining Tip : All our interactive mining activities combines children and adults sense of adventure and discovery with their continuing thirst for knowledge. When using our water trough the activity simulates the gold panning that made the gold rush of the 1800's such a fascinating historical phenomenon.  Everyone, no matter the age, loves the anticipation of what treasures they will reveal, keep and take home!  

Historical Facts of Black Beard :

Black Beard is believed to have been born in Bristol sometime in 1680 - November 22,1718.

Not certain of his real name, he always introduced himself as Edward Teach. For a pirate, he was well educated, he was able to read and write. He became a renowned pirate, the most famous that ever lived, and the most feared. His nickname was from his thick black beard and fearsome appearance; he was reported to have tied lit fuses (slow matches) under his hat to frighten his enemies.

The name of his ship was the Queen Anne's Revenge which included 3 additional ships. In modern fiction he has been the main subject in numerous stories, books and movies.  History remembers Black Beard not only for how he lived but equally for how he died.

The image of the flag that symbolized Black Beards ships, many crews surrendered just by seeing the flag itself.

Historical facts of Calico Jack : 

Calico Jack was born in England December 26, 1682, John Rackham. Jack is a nickname for John, the word calico was added from the clothing he wore. Calico Jack was an English pirate captain operating in the Caribbean and Cuba during the early 18th century. 

    He was one of the most unique pirates to have ever sailed the Caribbean during the height of the golden age of Piracy. He never was a great fighter or acquired incredible wealth or respect as other pirates had.

    However, his association with other pirates as well as being the only pirate to have two female crew members combined with his cunning ways to use backstabbing and politics to further his advantage and obtain his goals contributed to making him the most unique pirate to sail the Caribbean seas.

    An important impact that he has had on the modern day image of pirates was his flag, the Jolly Roger. The majority of pirate crews during the time used a flag depicting full human skeletons carrying some sort of weapon while Calico Jacks flag was a black flag with a white human skull with two white crossed swords beneath it. This same iconic image is still in use today to represent naval piracy.