Davy Jones Treasure Chest

An underwater pirate chest filled with davy jones treasure !


Description: Plunder treasure like a pirate by creating your very own Davy Jones treasure chest! Choose from a variety of sea shells, land gems and more!  Go home with your custom created treasure mix and gold gilded treasure chest.

Activity Includes: Choose from a large variety of sea and land treasures.  Best of all, Keep all the treasures you choose! Activity time can vary depending on a individuals creative process filling your custom treasure chest. 

    • About our Unique Blend of Pirates Treasure:  A special mix of  colorful shore shells, precious gems, minerals, crystals, sparkling acrylic gems, a Davy Jones skull and gold gilded treasure chest.  
    • Recommended for Ages: 5 - 12 
    • Recommended Height : No restrictions as Davy Jones locker is set on the ground level. 
    • Walk Up Availability : Yes, We serve on a first come first serve basis. 
    • Time Length: 5 mins + Time varies on an individual basis. 
    • Sharable: We're sorry, this is not appropriate for sharing.
    • Price: $12.99
    • Home Activity : We're sorry, this activity is only available within the gift shop.