Experience Our Jurassic June & July for a Dino-Mite Inspiration!

2 young boys discovering dinosaur fossils at Gold Rush Mining Co.

 Experience a RIP RAWR-ING DINO-RIFFIC Adventure! 

Jurassic Park was released on June 11, 1993 and became a sensation that changed cinema forever! After 30 years and numerous additional films within its franchise, the original Jurassic Park remains number one to this day! 

Now its your turn to experience your Interactive Jurassic Quest By Exploring the Prehistoric Dominion of Our Jurassic World!

Hunt and Dig for Ancient Fossils Buried in the Volcanic Sand Pits of this Primeval Jungle! Stay Alert, A T-Rex and Triceratops are at the Waterfall, the Flaming Tops of the Volcanoes are Active while a Pterodactyl is Perched above Your Head.  Cautiously Unearth the Prehistoric Relics You’re Determined to Discover!  KEEP ALL THE FOSSILS YOU FIND!

Meet “Big Al” a Casting of an Original Allosaurus Skull. View other Museum Replicas and More! This Amusing Journey is Guaranteed to be a DINO-MIGHT Experience for All Junior Fossil Hunters!

Paleontology Sponsor: Gold Rush Mining Co. 

DIG SITE: 40016 Big Bear Blvd., Big Bear Lake

Disclaimer: This activity does not authorize the intentional capture of any live Dinosaurs, unless said animal attacks and threatens the life of a human.