The "Princess" Treasure Mining

illustration of a mermaid on the beach holding an oyster showing its pearl and a treasure chest filled with gems


Description: Imagine you are a mermaid princess discovering treasures found while exploring a shipwreck. Your customized adventure begins by deciding which method you will use to reveal your treasures and keep all that you find! 

  • Option 1: Hidden within a velvety smooth blue sand (not gritty like play sand). Sink your hands and fingers into the sand to search and reveal the  treasures buried beneath.
  • Option 2: Scoop the mining dirt into a screen box, lower your box into the water, sift and shake the tray as the water reveals the hidden treasures.
    • About our Unique Blend of Mermaid Treasure:  A special mix of gem sand consisting of shore shells, raw and tumbled semi- precious gems, minerals, crystals and sparkling acrylic gems. No two mermaid treasures are exactly alike. Also included is an identification chart. 
    • Recommended for Ages: 5 + 
    • Recommended Height : In order to comfortably stand in front of the sand pit or water trough to independently process you must be  
    • Walk Up Availability : Arrive at our location ready for fun! We serve on a first come first serve basis. 
    • Time Length:  Varies upon the age, approx. 10 min.+ also involves independently identifying treasures with an included I.D. chart.
    • Price: $44.99 - Does not include an Oyster in this pkg.
    • Sharable: Good for "1" person....We do not recommend this package for sharing. Please consider the Mermaid Queen, it's an awesome value, a generous amount of treasure and two oysters make the Queen two distinctively different activities.
    • Home Activity : Yes! You are welcome to purchase our mermaid  gem sand mining package in our gift shop and take your adventure home. Call (909) 866-5678.

Fun Mining Tip : All our interactive mining activities combines children and adults sense of adventure and discovery with their continuing thirst for knowledge. 

Note: Due to the nature and origins of our products we are not able to guarantee availability. Prices may change without notice.