Our Jurassic Jungle Digging Station

boy standing in front of the Jurassic Jungle digging sand pit

The T-Rex: $69.99

A Fun Digging Adventure !     

If you're fascinated by dinosaurs and fossils our Jurassic digging pits are guaranteed to stimulate imagination.

Fossil Discovery Station Design: 

Creatively designed to simulate a Jurassic jungle. Your imagination will be transported into this lost world environment listening to the sounds of the jungle, dinosaur moans, groans and more!

Witness a rock waterfall with a T-Rex, Triceratops and other creatures inhabiting the landscape. Fire spewing volcanoes and black volcanic sand pits. 

All the elements to imaginatively provide an exciting digging area where fossils and gems get buried beneath soft velvety sand.

All participating "Paleontologists" are forewarned to be cautious as a curious Pterodactyl is perched over head and attentively watching.  

Once all the fossils have been discovered, guests are invited to use a nearby counter or tables on site to spend some time comparing and identifying your earthly and Jurassic treasures using the included identification brochure.

  • Recommended for Ages: 3 - Adult 
  • Recommended Height : We have risers for wee ones!
  • Walk Up Availability : We serve on a first come first serve basis. 
  • Sharable: Not Recommended
  • Price: T-Rex $69.99
  • Time Length: Varies upon the age, approx. 10 min.+ includes sorting at a table or counter.
  • Home Activity : Yes! Call to have our fossil dirt delivered today!          (909) 866-5678