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  • Experience Imaginative Retail Displays.
  • Find Captivating & Beautiful Gemstones & Fossils for Purchase! 
  • Lots of Museum Replicas of Fossils and Shark Items to see!
  • Find Chakra, Healing, Numerology, Zodiac &  Birth Stones to Purchase!
  • Pendulum's, Pendulum Mats, Oracle Cards & Inspirational Items
  • Books on Crystals and Other Subjects
  • Zodiac Candles, Bracelets and other Birth Month Items
  • Themed Toys, Pirates, Mermaid, Dinosaur, Unicorn, Dragon & Space
  • Distinctive Jewelry, Home Décor & Gifts.
  • Visit Big Bear's Only Ghost Town for Unexpected Humor & Photo Opts.
  • Interactive "Mining" Activities Offering...... 
  • Various Ways of Finding, Crystals, Minerals, Fossils & Pearls 
  • All Ages Can Interact & Enjoy the Experience Together! 
  • Create & Share Special Moments with Friends & Family.
  • Take Home All The Treasures You Find!
  • Pan for REAL GOLD
  • Crack Open & Take Home Crystal Geodes!
  • Fun Photo Opportunities & So Much More!
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  • Order Our Special Blend of Gem, Fossil & Gold Pay Dirt Delivered to You!
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