Our Story

Our Story

The Vartanian family first embraced the hospitality industry in 1990 welcoming  vacationing guests. Although that was enjoyable, the family was interested in offering more to the guests of Big Bear Lake.

  As a young girl, Lynette experienced panning for gold at Knott's   Berry Farm and never forgot the excitement and thrill   she had   shared with her family! Years past and Lynette   developed a   deeper appreciation of the earth's elements.                                      

Big Bear Lake has a deep rooted history in the gold rush years of the 1800's. Holcomb Valley is located in the back area of Big Bear and was the location that produced the largest amount of gold ore in Southern California. 

Realizing the cherished memories of years past and/in combination with our locations history it was the perfect blend to bring that special encounter to those who visit Big Bear. 

What began in 2013 has grown into two running sluices, dig pits, cosmic cave exploration and a variety of activity options as well as the Gold Mine Gift Shop and the Glitter Gulch Ghost Town.

We continue to develop fun and imaginative ways to visually inspire imagination, entertain and excite the senses in our unique attraction! We are proud that our destination has grown to become a favorite of many who have visited Big Bear and beyond.

The Gold Rush Mining Company is a destination not to be missed!  A  Place  where all ages come together, share good times and experience unforgettable moments that become lifetime memories. One visit guarantees you will take away the most precious gift of all - sharing extraordinary moments with those who join you!

There's truly something for everyone at Gold Rush Mining Adventures! We invite you to join us  year round, open most days, treasure is always in season!

We look forward to greeting you with a warm smile and sharing our hearty enthusiasm for the gifts of nature!