More about Gold Rush Mining Company

a colorful variety of tumbled, dyed and natural gemstones

We proudly embrace the mining history of Big Bear Lake and carry the  theme throughout the interior of our store and property. 

In General: Our concept has been creatively developed to appeal, inspire and satisfy all ages and interests in elements of the earth. Whether you are searching for a fun activity or looking to purchase  individual rocks, minerals, crystals, fossils or a unique gift we have something for every age and budget!  

Gift Shop: Explore a mine cave environment for an eclectic array of individual gemstones, minerals, crystals, jewelry, decor, toys, souvenirs and more! New items are installed frequently. A section is designated to health & healing stones, birth month and zodiac gems. 

Mining Activity: Our Gold & Gem panning, fossil digging, pearl harvesting, excavation bars, gem & galaxy cave explorations and our geode cracking are ideal activities to learn about geology and mining in addition to being a fun activity that adults can share with children of all ages. An extra bonus is the treasures you take home which may lead to the beginning of a new hobby and the start of a collection.

Mining Themes: Pirates, Mermaids, Sharks, Dinosaurs/Fossil, Cosmic, Minecraft and Egyptian! These are just a few of the themes we currently offer. It's important to note that we add and/or change our mining/treasure "themes" occasionally without notice. Seasonal options may be offered during appropriate times. These fun themes offer distinctly different materials within their treasure mixes.    

Crack Crystal Geodes: Choose from a variety of Geodes and use our custom machine to crack it open yourself! 

Ghost Town: Play our "FREE" Scavenger word search game, "Adventures of Glitter Gulch" or just visit  the town for fun photo opts and unexpected humor!

  • No Entrance Fee & No Reservations Required.
  • We serve our valued customers on a first come first serve basis. 
  • We are open seven days per week throughout the year!
  • Closed Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.
  • Hours vary depending upon the season and demand.
  • Personally Hand Choose & Take Treasure: $9.99 - $14.99
  • Mining activities: $44.99 - $139.99
  • NOTE: Prices are subject to change without notice.         
  • We are happy to assist with birthday parties and special events.
  • We will ship any of our gem dirt nation wide. 
  • TOLL FREE: 1-800-363-8303

 We are located in the San Bernardino Mountains, a brief drive from most Southern California neighborhoods. Come up and enjoy the cooler climate and pristine mountain air all-the-while experiencing our dedication to provide our guests a unique environment where unexpected surprises are sure to make a lasting impression!