Panning for Gemstones & Crystals

group of children looking at the gemstone treasure at the water sluice


 Standard $44.99 - Mega $79.99 - Treasure Trove $139.99 ! (Best Value)

If you like gemstones, rocks, minerals, crystals and fossils you'll delight in our gemstone panning and exploration adventures.  

Children and adults of all ages equally enjoy the panning experience! Whether it's your first time or you are an expert, we are here to assist in your experience.

No matter how many times you pan you will always take home something different. Each discovery station offers a dissimilar experience in the reveal process. It's always an adventure!

Product: We carefully select and create our special blend of gemstones, crystals and fossils sourced throughout the world and then combine them into unique concentrations of mining dirt to represent each different "theme" we offer. These beautiful elements from the earth come in a variety of sizes, shapes, natural and enhanced as does our options. No two mixes are exactly alike, even within the same theme. Your treasure may include rough and tumbled semi-precious gems, natural and enhanced such as amethyst, quartz, rose quartz, citrine, emeralds, obsidian, crystal points, jaspers, agates, calcites, arrowheads, shells, fossils and many more not listed! Our staff will help in identifying all the treasures. 

Activity: Your panning experience begins at our custom running water trough with a bucket filled with gem mining dirt and a screened wooden box. You will scoop the mix onto the screen, lower your screen box into the water shaking the tray so that the water separates the mining dirt from the gems. Watch in amazement as the gems appear! 

Once you're finished panning at the water trough you can take your gems to a table to sort and continue to identify your gemstones using the specimen identification chart that completes the package.

Take your treasures home to add to your collection, start a new one or simply to admire for years to come!