Learn about the Impact of Gemstones to Ancient Egyptians

egyptian desert with pyramids and a resting camel

Perhaps gemstones are one of the greatest gifts we’ve been given in this world.  For thousands of years, they have brought beauty and joy into our lives, and most have interesting folklore and legends associated with them. 

In ancient Egypt gemstones were used for protection and health, they were ground up for medicinal purposes as well as used to adorn oneself. Many common stones were used, these included Amethyst, Chalcedony, Feldspar, Garnet, Jasper, Obsidian, Olivine, Peridot and Quartz. 

Wearing jewels played an important roll. The ancient Egyptians were artisans that mastered the art of jewelry making. Gems were symbols of wealth and power. 

The great pyramids were built to house the wealth of riches and items the pharaohs left behind after death in order to assist them in the afterlife. The sarcophagus of queens and pharaohs were adorned with jewels and precious gold. The favored gems were turquoise and lapis lazuli. Additional gems used abundantly were carnelian, emeralds and quartz. Precious metals were silver and gold.

It has been said that Cleopatra's favorite gem was emerald. King Tuts sarcophagus had turquoise embedded within its mask. An interesting fact is that the turquoise mines used to adorn the ancient pharaohs are still in use today!

Imagine entering an ancient pyramid or sphinx and finding  gems and jewels. Inspired by Ancient Egyptians and the role that gems and jewels played during those times we have custom created treasure bars highlighting Ancient Egypt.  These archaeology "excavation" bars have been artfully created and will surely satisfy all treasure seekers who choose to excavate one.

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