What are Geodes

round rocks, unopened geodes

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Geodes are curiously interesting rocks of mother nature. Their exterior appears to be very uninteresting just as an ordinary rock. Yet, their internal cavity is abundantly filled with a crystalline center! 

These natures wonder balls have an impressive creation process. They are not found in random places. They are formed in geochemical environments. Geodes that are formed from volcanic activity come from the bubbles within the lava. These geodes are often filled with agates, quartz, opal and other minerals.    They are the most widely known and sought after.

Check this video to see how our Choyas geodes are mined. 

There are many different types of geodes as well as many decorative uses. Geodes range in size from the size of a pea to taller than an average person. They can be sliced in slabs, used in jewelry (rings and necklaces) or as decorative elements anywhere you wish to place them. They can be kept in their natural state, dyed or heat treated to create beautiful aura effects within the