Experience Glitter Gulch

The ghost town in the evening with blue light casting its shadow on the town

It's "FREE" to visit Big Bear's only ghost town. There lots of good ol' fashioned photo opportunities and family entertainment to be had. 

  Glitter Gulch is our reincarnated mining town exclusively   resurrected to offer visitors a glimpse of an old mining town   of the 1800's that brought many folks to the back country of   Big Bear Lake hoping to strike it rich! Ultimately, Holcomb   Valley yielded the largest gold strike in Southern California.

 Stroll down the weathered board walk in Glitter Gulch and   read many humorous signage around the   town.

The town has a façade of a saloon, an assay station, general store and undertaker's parlor.

Jail yourself at the Sheriff's station and check out what the town Undertaker is offering.

Pay your respects at the "Pay Dirt" Cemetery, read humorous tomb stone epitaphs and discover how the inhabitants met their untimely end. 

Play our "FREE"  word scavenger hunt game, The Adventures of Glitter Gulch! 

Find out what prize you win by solving the clues that are hidden throughout the town and property.