Currently Offering Two Digging Stations

Digging Pits: We currently offer two differently themed digging stations. Each has been individually created to appear as the "theme" it represents.

Activity: The activity involves searching by hand within soft silky "sensory" sand in order to discover and reveal the special treasures hidden beneath. The sand we use is special sand and not playground sand. Sensory sand has a unique quality that children find captivating to run their hands through and is intended to offer an experience within itself.

  1. Sunken Treasure: This area is custom designed as a coral reef complete with sharks and a mixture of sea life. A life size Great White shark head appears from above, diving down to greet the "diver" (the mining participant). The background also includes a video of a real life mermaid swimming and exploring a shipwreck searching for treasure herself.  The pit is filled with blue sensory sand to represent the sea. The pit rests at the bottom of the decorative scene.
  2. Jurassic Jungle: The décor surrounding this digging pit is custom designed as a Jurassic jungle. Take a journey into the Jurassic era and go back to an age that time has long forgotten. Explore and excavate through the black sensory sand pits of time - digging between active volcanoes, listening to sounds of dinosaurs and the jungle. Watch out for the T-Rex and Triceratops at the rock water-scape as well as the mother Pterodactyl perched overhead attentively watching over her nest of eggs making sure you don't disturb her babies.