Our Running Water Mining Sluice/Trough

gemstone sifter at the water sluice

Let's Rock!

Belly up to our mining sluice and get ready for fun!

Our water mining trough offers a fun way to discover your treasure. The tools used in this process is a screen box and our continuous running water mining sluice/trough.

The prospector will scoop mining mix from a bucket into a screen box and then lower it into the water, dipping and swishing the box to allow the water to gently wash the mining ore and sediment  away from the hidden treasure. The treasure will then be revealed and safely maintained within the screen box.

The prospector will repeat the process until all the mining mix has been removed from the bucket. Once all the treasure has been revealed the time at the mining sluice/trough is completed. The prospector may choose to count, sort and identify all the treasures at one of our tables and then take everything home to enjoy. 

  Our Mining Water Sluice/Trough Runs Year Round!

The water is heated during the winter months.