Host a Mining Party At Home.......

Host a Mining Party At Home.......

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Creating a mining experience at home is easy and lots of fun! There are a variety of ways to set up a treasure discovery station. Whichever activity you choose, it will reveal treasure in the end.

Sifting w/Water: Use items from around the house. Use a colander or strainer as a sifter and a container that can be filled with water. A plastic storage bin or an extra large aluminum foil pan works great! Make sure to use a container large enough to fit the sifter of choice. Add enough water to the container so that the sifter can be lowered into the water with the ability to shake and dip. The action of the water flowing through the mix allows the dirt and sediment to fall through the sifter revealing the hidden treasures! 

Plucking w/Water: You can also use the same container as above. Depending upon the amount of treasure mix you wish to put into the container, you will add enough water to cover about an inch over the treasure dirt. Simply pour all ingredients into the water and allow the children to feel their way for the treasure and pluck it from the water by hand.  

Dry Sifting: Using the same items as mentioned above without adding water.  Pour the mining treasure dirt into a sifter in batches. Shake the sifter over the container so that the dirt will fall through until you have completed the bag of treasure mix.

Digging for Treasure: This can be done on a small or large scale.

  • Small: Simply set up the container you wish to pour all the treasure mix in and allow the children to find there treasure by digging with their hands. 
  • Large: Choose to fill a sand box or an inflatable swimming pool with the mix and add extra sand purchased at your local home improvement center.

Coming Soon..... video to show how to craft a make at home mining experience, it's as easy as saying EUREKA!