Indy's Amazing Adventures!

Indy's Amazing Adventures!


 Description: Imagine you are an Archaeologist traveling the world in an adventure crusade to discover treasures and artifacts of all kinds!

To get you into the spirit and transform you into an Archaeologist,

part of your package includes an

Indy Hat, Scarf & Burlap Sack! 

Once you are equipped with your attire and treasure sacks your customized adventure begins......

A Word of Caution - Your adventure takes you to places not typically seen by many! You must be careful to avoid the snakes and other bugs you will encounter along your journey! 

1. Raid an Egyptian Tomb, you begin by entering an Egyptian Tomb. Surrounded by Egyptian treasures, you will be standing over the Pharaoh's sarcophagus with its treasure chest open and waiting for you to hand pick gems and place them into your golden keepsake sack. Fill your sack as full as you can before moving on to  exploring an ancient cave.

2. Explore the Cave of Mysteries, enter into the darkened world of a mysterious cave where you will discover and collect a variety of hidden treasures and other items.  Scale its walls and crevices to find the treasures hidden within. Place your finds in your burlap bag.

3. Excavate a Treasure BlockAmong the treasures in the cave is a Pharaoh's Excavation Sand Block. You may choose to excavate and release its artifacts during your adventure with us or take it home for another time.

Place all the treasures in your burlap sack as your adventure continues taking you from the cave of mysteries to an ancient archaeological dig site. 

4. Archaeological Dig Site,  at the site you will preform an archaeological dig being careful to unearth ancient artifacts or gems hidden beneath the sands of time using your hands or the onsite brushes. Among the treasure trove is an exceptionally large geode, much like the large boulder that once chased Indy out of a cave.  

5. Crack Open the Geode by turning the ships wheel and discover a billion crystals that are hidden within!


    • About our Unique Blend of Archaeological Treasures:  A special mix of tumbled and rough semi-precious gems, minerals, crystals, bottle of gold flake, sparkling acrylic gems, Egyptian excavation block, pirate coins/doubloons, treasure chest, snake bracelet, Huge Geode and misc. artifacts.  Also included is an identification chart. 
    • Recommended for Ages: 5 + 
    • Recommended Height : In order to comfortably stand in front of the sand pit and reach items within the cave in order to independently process you must be 4ft. tall.  
    • Walk Up Availability : Arrive at our location ready for fun! We serve on a first come first serve basis. 
    • Time Length:  Varies upon the age, approx. 20 min.+ also involves independently identifying treasures with an included I.D. chart.
    • Price: $139.99 - Includes "5" independent distinctively different activities
    • Sharable: Good for "1" person....Although this package is extensive, it is designed for "one" Archeologist! We do not recommend this package for sharing. 
    • Home Activity : No. Call (909) 866-5678.

Fun Mining Tip : All our interactive mining activities combines children and adults sense of adventure and discovery with their continuing thirst for knowledge. 

Note: Due to the nature and origins of our products we are not able to guarantee availability. Prices may change without notice.