Panning for Real Gold

group of adults panning for real gold

Pay Dirt: (1lb.) $69.99  OR   (2lb.) $129.99  

Experience the Art of Panning REAL for Gold!   

Description: We are the only destination in Big Bear Lake that offers real gold panning!  We teach you the process and then let you actively extract the gold yourself by panning the way early pioneers did!

    • About our Pay Dirt: Ghost Town Gold Pay Dirt has been  hand gathered and sourced directly from claims from a gold mining district. It is known to yield 200% more gold than commercially sold pay dirt.
    • Recommended for Ages: 15 + 
    • Recommended Height : In order to comfortably stand in front of the water trough to independently pan you must be approx. 5 feet. We offer risers for our smaller prospectors. 
    • Walk Up Availability : We serve on a first come first serve basis. 
    • Sharable: We do not recommend sharing this type of product.
    • Customizable: Yes, you may choose between 3 sizes of gold pay dirt provided they each are in stock during your visit.
    • Time Length:  30 mins - 1 hour - we can assist in helping reduce the time of processing using classifiers upon your request.
    • Home Activity : Yes! Take your adventure home by ordering our Ghost Town Gold Pay Dirt & Pan set!
Fun Panning Tips : Get ready to pan for gold  and catch the fever! This activity requires attention and patience, you will be  standing at the water trough actively separating gold concentrates/flakes from dirt using techniques just like the prospectors did back in the 1800's !    
Ghost Town Gold Packages:

Cost : The Motherlode 1 lb............................$69.99

                 Big Thunder 2 lbs...........................$129.99 

                Pans sold separately.     

NOTE: Prices are subject to change without notice.