The Gold Mine Gift Shop

We strive to offer items that appeal to folks of all ages, interests in rocks, crystals and minerals as well as budgets! Find a simple crystal or a large selection of individual gemstones. Whatever your interest in rocks & minerals we are a place not to miss!

Step into our unique mine cave environment and explore an eclectic array of  intriguing displays along with unique and one-of-a-kind items! We guarantee you will find something you didn't realize you wanted, in addition to inspiring your imagination!

Aside from a large variety of individual rocks, minerals and crystals there is an assortment of toys, jewelry, home décor and gift items that compliment our various themed mining activities.  

Watch a real mermaid actively exploring a sunken ship. Become a mermaid yourself and find trinkets and treasures to take home from our mermaid grotto.  Aaar, matey, join Cap'n Bones on a pirates journey and plunder treasure from Davy Jones Locker. There's lots of pirate themed toys and décor to satisfy any sea worthy hearty soul.

Shark week is every week here, we offer a fin-tastic array of shark and sea related items to choose from. Shark, Megalodon & Mosasaur teeth are tempting purchases as is many other undersea trinkets. 

Search our Jurassic Jungle for dinosaur teeth and fossils to start or add to your collection. We offer all kinds of dinosaur toys and items. Choose a geode laid among replicas of dinosaur fossils cast from real dinosaur discoveries! Break open the geode yourself in one of our custom geode breaking machines.  

Slay a dragon and bring one home, or, let Dobby help you find your favorite Hogwarts magic gemstone egg. 

Go beyond earth and search within our black lit fluorescent galaxy. Take home something, not of this earth! Adopt an alien, there's so much to explore! Lot's of cosmic fun in this area.

Find a unicorn looking for a new home in the snow cave. Watch for an unexpected surprise. 

Become a tomb raider in the Egyptian tomb of treasure, take home a kings ransom! Don't let the mummy interrupt your choices!

If you're looking for gems that represent your birth month, planetary stone of your birth, zodiac and numerology stones, healing stones and chakras - We have a section dedicated to these as well. Our staff can help you find your numerology number as well as teach you about the aura and Chakra and how colors affect your body. 

We also carry a selection of books, candles, oracle and tarot cards, pendulums & mats as well as tabula mortem boards. Our selection of sage will help you cleanse negativity and promote healing and wisdom. 

On the side of light, we offer Palo Santo (Holy Wood) for purifying, inspiring creativity, bringing love and good fortune, cleansing and renewing crystals. We also carry a selection of Guardian Angel and Good Luck stones.

We make it easy to find the perfect gift for yourself or someone you care about!