The Pearl Oyster Harvest

The Pearl Oyster Harvest
  • AiReal's Oyster yields (1) pearl. This oyster takes approximately 2 years to mature. The oysters themselves have one pearl of natural or specialty color and are each different from the next. No two are alike. There's no telling what size or color your pearl will be until you release it from its shell.  Each color has a meaning and lucky fortune.     

Harvesting a pearl oyster is included within "2" Different options....

    1. The Mermaid with Pearl Oyster Harvest includes.......
    • AiReal Mermaid Magnet
    • Opalescent Mother-of-Pearl Clam Shell 
    • Oyster with Pearl Harvest Activity
    • Identification Chart


         2. The Mermaid Queen Pkg. includes Treasure Mining & Pearl Harvest. 


    AiReal with Pearl Oyster

    • Harvesting an Oyster: Our staff will assist and give you tools to help you release the pearl from the oysters jaws. Each oyster offers a unique color pearl which carries its own meaning. Compare the pearl color to the included identification chart and discover your lucky fortune!
      • Recommended for Ages: 5 + 
      • Walk Up Availability : Arrive at our location ready for fun! We serve on a first come first serve basis. 
      • Time Length:  Varies upon the age, approx. 10 min.+ also included is an I.D. chart to identify the color meaning of your pearl.
      • Sharable: No.
      • Price: $49.99 for the "Mermaid w/ Pearl Oyster Harvest Pkg." 
      • Home Activity : Yes! You are welcome to purchase our mermaid  and oyster package and take your adventure home. (800) 363-8303
      • Necklace: We offer a variety of necklace designs in our gift shop that allow you to wear your pearl proudly for all to "sea". 

    Fun Mining Tip : All our interactive mining activities combines a sense of adventure and discovery!  Everyone, no matter the age, loves the anticipation of what treasures they will reveal, keep and take home! 

    Note: Due to the nature and origins of our products we are not able to guarantee availability. Prices may change without notice.