An Overview of our Mermaid Adventures

illustration of a beautiful female


                The little Mermaid: $12.99           

Hand select from a variety of land and sea treasures, add them to a treasure chest until its full.  

   Princess:  $39.99    &    Queen:  $56.99

The Princess & Queen Package begins by choosing whether to process your treasures at the running water trough or in our creatively designed "under-the-sea themed" sand digging area. Take your treasures to a table, compare them to the included identification brochure.
    • About our Unique Blend of Mermaids Treasure:  A variety of land and sea treasures. 
    • The Queen includes harvesting a real pearl from an oyster. The oysters themselves have one pearl of natural or specialty color and are each different from the next. No two are alike. There's no telling what size or color your pearl will be until you release it from its shell.  Each color has a meaning. 
    • Recommended for Ages: 5 - Adult 
    • Recommended Height : We have risers if necessary.
    • Walk Up Availability : Yes, We serve on a first come first serve basis. 
    • Time Length: Approximately 20 mins  
    • Sharable: We're sorry, not recommended.
    • Home Activity : Yes, call toll free to order 1-800-363-8303

 Note: Due to the nature and origins of our products we are not able to guarantee availability. Prices may change without notice.